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Google's New "Helpful Content Update" 2022

Here comes a new update from google, the helpful content update. Which is announced on Google search central on August 18.

Google Helpful content update
Image credit: Unsplash, Google Logo

So what is this Update aiming for?

Google is always looking to improve the search experience for its users, they want to make sure that the users are satisfied with the content they search for with better information.

Even though google recommends creators to focus on people-first content most of the content on the internet is all focused on search engines hoping those content can perform well and attract people from search engines.

This is where the helpful content update comes in. Google states in their announcement that this is part of the effort to connect their people with the original content that's made for people by the people. rather than content that is made for search engines only.

People's first content is focused on creating satisfying content by utilizing SEO recommend practices. Content that users get a satisfactory experience will be rewarded and content that didn't meet the user's expectations would not perform well.

How will you know that your content is focused on people first?

It's quite simple. First, you need to select a topic that most users are looking for. Then you have to create content based on that. Make sure your content answers the user's query meaningfully. You don't have to think about the keywords because when you write a topic if it clearly serves the purpose, the required keywords will automatically fit in.

Google also shares some guidelines to create people-first content that you can check out at the google search center.

So how does this helpful content update works?

As per google, this is entirely an automated process using a machine learning model that gives a new signal with many of the other factors that google considers to rank the content. As of now, the update will mostly begin with English searches globally and later will be expanding to other languages too.

In the conclusion SEO or search engine optimization is not just adding keywords; it’s about giving meaning to the search experience

Let's keep our eyes wide open!!

Maybe we are about to see some ups & downs in Google search results

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